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    Anger management workshops Anger Transformation Workshops

    Workshops and seminars that teach useful Zen Buddhist tools
    and practices that transform anger into positive emotions

    What is taught in out Anger Transformation workshops is straightforward and simple. Our workshop participants have ranged from students to executives, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Our Anger Transformation workshops are explorations of five hypotheses, and these seminars provide an opportunity for participants to experiment with them. The hypotheses are:

  • Anger is almost always a destructive emotion.

  • The first person damaged by your anger is you.

  • When you act out of anger, your actions are likely to be irrational and ineffective.

  • You can, if you chose, reduce the amount of anger in your life.

  • As you reduce the amount of anger in your life, your quality of life improves.

    Participants in our workshops are not asked to accept any of these hypotheses as true.

    They are asked to experiment with them by reexamining examples of anger from their own lives and -- if the hypothisis appears to be true for them -- to continue experimenting with the transformative power of awareness after the workshop.

    Workshops consist of part lecture, and part experiential exercises.

    The exercises are simple and designed to allow the participants to experience some of the points made in the lecture. No one is required to participate in the exercises.

    In the course of workshops, participants are invited to share their reactions and experiences, but no one is obligated to do so.

    These workshops are not intended to be encounter groups or psychotherapy, except to the extent that, as Fritz Perls said, "Awareness is therapy per se."

    While the basis of these workshops is Buddhist practice and the teachings of the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist teachers, the teachings of the seminar do not compete with individual religious beliefs and are compatible with virtually every religion and spiritual quest. Participants are invited to share insights based on their beliefs with the group.

    Our Anger Transformation Workshops are based on simple but often overlooked truths, and methodology that is designed to produce rapid results:

    It feels better not to be angry than to be angry

    Experiencing this fact is central to the process, and the basis of true transformation. When participants realize that giving up anger feels good, it suddenly becomes desirable and self energizing not to be angry.

    We provide a simple way to understand anger

    We believe that the cause of anger is having an unmet demand. That's it. Nothing more complicated. Our workshops provide participants uncomplicated tools that enable them to pause to determine what their unmet demand is: the most important step toward transforming anger.

    Workshops are based on participants' experiences

    Our workshops are not abstract exercises, nor are they intended to convert participants into practicing Buddhists. Our seminars draw upon participants' everyday experiences with anger.

    There is no soul searching for the past sources of anger or pain

    Our Anger Transformation Workshops are not psychotherapy. It is not necessary for this process to know, for instance, if someone were unloved or abused as a child. There is no requirement beyond a willingness to examine the anger presently in the participants' life.

    Nonthreatening supportive setting

    Seminar participants are advised that the incidents from his or her life that are recounted in the workshop should be trivial annoyances and petty offenses. Participants are advised to stay away from the overwhelming sources of anger like having a loved one killed or 9/11.

    We know from long experience that anger is largely disconnected from cause and that, as people learn to transform smaller anger triggers, the ability to transform larger ones follows rapidly and naturally.

    Setting up an Anger Transformation workshop

    Contact and we can arrange a Anger Transformation workshop that is tailored to address the needs of your group. The Transforming Anger workshop is available in two formats:

  • As a three hour basic teaching that is designed to introduce the Buddhist concept of Anger
    Transformation and provide participants useful tools that they can immediately apply in their
    daily lives.

  • As a six to eight hour format extended teaching which can be done in one or two days.
    In this longer format seminar there are several topics added and there is additional participant
    involvement and extended time for discussion.

    Experience has shown that for the maximum benefit there should be no less than eight participants. The maximum number of participants per workshop is 40.

    All workshops are facilitated by either:

  • Leonard Scheff, Zen Buddhist, experienced teacher and workshop leader, and the primary
    creator of the Transforming Anger workshops.

  • John Tarrant who holds the title of Roshi in the Zen tradition, has a PhD in psychology and
    is the founder of the Pacific Zen Institute.

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